Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the Courses page on our website edufashionguide.com. If you click on the course most appropriate to you, there you will find a brief description of what is involved and a list of courses available in different countries.

You can apply for the courses throughout the year, but there are certain deadlines student must follow. 

You can fill our enquiry form; we will get back to you with all the details. You can also WhatsApp us.

Yes, we do. 

Fill our enquiry form; we will get back to you with all the details. You can also WhatsApp us.

You don’t need to have met every entry requirement when making your initial admission application. However, you’ll have to make sure you attain all the requirements before you enrol on your desired course. 

Please get in touch with us as soon as your exam results are published, you may still be able to do enrol for the course with some conditions and we may be able to help or advise you for the future.

Yes, we do. Our intensive courses are open to beginner learners.

If an applicant has fulfilled successfully all requirements for admission but is still missing any essential document, in such cases he/she may be given a conditional admission letter. If this happens, the applicant needs to proceed with the tuition fees paid as with a normal Admission Letter in order to secure the seat in the course. The student will be fully enrolled upon reception of the missing document. If the applicant fails to provide the missing documents, he/she will be consequently rejected for admission and will be refunded 100% of the paid tuition fees.

As all our programs are taught in English, non-native English speaking students are required to provide proof of sufficient English level in form of the IELTS or TOEFL. We can also evaluate your English level in the interview and the final decision lies with our admissions team only.

Students across the globe have been part of the unique learning experience made possible through our school of Art, Fashion, and Design. By bringing together a diverse, international group of undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students, The Edu Fashion Guide is giving students the opportunity to gain a global perspective on Art, Fashion, and Design.

Unfortunately No, we don’t reimburse the consulate fee under any circumstance.

You can then speak to the Admissions staff that can change your course, subject to availability. Please note there may be an additional fee.

Please contact us and enquire about your desired course. Our education consultant will get back to you with all the details.


Most courses welcome fresher, though some require experience with the specific subject. You can check out course's description if the additional experience is needed or not, and you are welcome to enquire if you are unsure.

No. There are only a few places on each course; we can only reserve a seat for you once you have paid the course fee in full.

Our Career Centre is available to assist our students who are looking for internships or job opportunities. The colleges/universities ensure that its students are prepared for the employment through mentoring and coaching that focuses on the holistic analysis of each student and the individual strengths that they bring to team and project work. For detailed information about career opportunities, please visit a course page or get in touch with the Admissions team.

The student must obtain a visa from the country authorities before pursuing studies. We will assist the student in the application process to facilitate the visa procedures. However, applying for and obtaining the required documents are the applicant’s sole responsibility.

For further information contact Student Services by email: info@edufashionguide.com  

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